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Welcome to our website

Our goal is to bring children and young people to interesting, inspiring and endlessly challenging Bridge.

Play bridge with the whole family. Because we offer  

teaching and games FOR EVERYONE,  our teaching methods and environments have also been developed to be different:

children under 12 years

young people 12-16 years

teenagers and adults

Everyone is welcome to a great, inspiring and even addictive hobby. Please read more on these website.

For a child or young person

Bridge is fun

Bridge is fun

Learning and playing bridge is fun, but it can be demanding on the player.

You can play casual home or club bridge, but playing competitively challenges you to learn more and more.

Bridge is a hobby for your whole life. 

Bridge helps with studies and life

The points mentioned below are signed by bridge players as well as school teachers who work with the game.

Bridge develops:

Mathematical ability:

  • Basic arithmetic skills - addition and subtraction

  • Probability calculation and certainty

Thinking and Reasoning:

  • Task solution

  • Concentration

  • Logical reasoning ability

  • Selective memory

  • Reasoning ability

  • Changing strategy based on new evidence

Language and communication:

  • Explanation and justification of an action

  • Participating in group discussions

  • Asks relevant questions

  • Develops constructive and helpful criticism


  • Takes part, listens, gives others the opportunity to participate 

  • Develops a relationship through shared learning

  • Learning to win and lose competitions 

  • Behaves like a responsible citizen - increases competitive ethics and helps others learn

  • Resolving conflicts

Bridge works for the school like:

  • Class learning improves for example in mathematics lessons 

  • Activity increases

  • Self-study is increasing

Bridge is social - even online

Bridge is a very social hobby, even though it mostly focuses on playing. Especially online gaming gives friends all over the world.

RealBridge's competition platform creates as social a gaming environment as possible online. The image shows the players' video feed and they can chat as normal.

RealBridge game view.

Let's create a better future for young people.

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