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What is Peppi?

Peppi is still an unfinished project to develop international Bridge and bring new players to this fun and challenging game.

Peppi is still under development and is not in use anywhere.

Pippi was born from the currents of space in the land of imagination. The birth was easy from the beginning, and Peppi began to grow and develop as children are used to. Although sometimes the growth stopped for a few years, Peppi still decided to become an adult. Peppi doesn't have a gender, and the appearance is unknown, but it is known that Peppi wants to do good and it's fun with Peppi.

Originally, Peppi started to develop to meet the needs of the bridge card game, but then Peppi discovered that he is suitable for other hobbies as well. Peppi has made it his life's mission to develop a dying hobby to rise to its former, and even greater glory.

On his journey, Peppi has experienced tough challenges, but has not cared about them, but has pushed forward with a Finnish spirit. Pepi's growth and development has been helped by the knowledge of how the owners of this sport help their hobbyists forward, giving them the tools to develop both in studies and in life.

Now Peppi is already growing and shaping into an entity that serves the hobbyist, but there is always room for improvement. That's why Peppi hopes that everyone will participate in helping others.

Peppi is already so big that he is starting to run his own blog, which he hopes as many people as possible will read and participate in the discussion and bring out their opinions and development wishes.

Read about Pepi's features here.


Have fun with Pepi.

Pepi's father Juha

This is a very important reason for developing PeppiBridge:


The number of registered users has decreased by more than 30% in just seven years.

The numbers have been taken directly from the World Bridge Federation WBF website and we certify that they are correct.

Both printouts (including the one below) are freely available to you: You canprint or copy them for yourself.

The booklet below clearly explains Pepi's features. Enjoy your interactive experience reading, watching videos, listening to how text turns into speech and playing the Kahoot game, which is targeted at the first lesson of the Basic course.

Peppi platform

Peppi is a platform where all the necessary learning elements are located in one place, in one environment.

Visiting Peppi

The platform offers an excellent tool for interaction between teacher and student. Students have their own chat rooms, where they can give each other peer support.

Peppi ratings

The students perform various tasks that have good elements for evaluation.  At the end of the course, the students can be given grades.

Peppi tasks

For each lesson, the teacher gives the students tasks that work like homework, and they must be done before the next lesson.

Peppi self-study

Peppi has connections to many external platforms where students can study independently. Studying at Peppi is largely gamificated, that is, you learn by playing other game than bridge.

Peppi playing

Games are constantly organized at Peppi, so students can independently practice competitive gaming.

Gamification engages students in the topic.

Gamification teaches best.

With gamification, course interruptions are minimal.

With the help of gamification, students generally continue their hobby.

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