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Hello, you teach

Welcome to find out how you could use the PeppiBridge platform in your work.

We offer teachers

You can use all the teaching opportunities offered by the PeppiBridge platform free of charge.

Our platform was created with uniform teaching in mind, so you cannot add or change the teaching material yourself. Since the teaching is structured by age group, we recommend you to structure your course according to age as well. There must be different teaching methods for children than for adults.

The students you bring will pay us an amount to be determined later from your course because at this stage the platform is still alive, possibly getting new paid features. When we finish the development of this version, we will create a price for the courses.

You can define the amount the students pay you - your tuition fee. Alternatively, you pay the students' share to us, in which case there is  only one charge per student, but you pay their share to us before the teaching begins.

We make a contract with you for one year, during which you can take as many basic courses as you want. Each course must have new students.  Students get Peppi to use for one year as well, which includes the course you take and playing the rest of the time. 

Advanced cources is one for all. The prices of the advanced courses have not yet taken shape at this stage.


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