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Come along - we need your help

We are the sum of our cooperation. Come and raise our value!

Your help is needed on every front:

Bridge unions

Local bridge associations (NBOs) could take aactive role in terms of the future of Bridge and informs member clubs and their members about the benefits that Pepi brings. Read more >


As a teacher, you can join in refining Pepi's educational materials and/or start teaching using Pepi's materials. Read more >


Each of us has a responsibility for Bridge's future.  You too can help in the matter by telling about bridge, its benefits for studies and life. Try to get people interested and come to Pep's Basic Course.

You can also try to get sponsors from entrepreneurs or wealthy people you knowabout people. Donate yourself, small streams grow into big rivers.

Future student and reader of this

Have you noticed the benefits that bridge gives to its players, as described on our website? For this reason alone, everyone should tell their friends about Bridge and its Basic coursea.


As our partner, you give Pepi added value by bringing it to the fore, giving us your know-how or financing our activities. Read more >

To work with us

Everyone's contribution is valuable. Depending on your skills, you can help Bridge and Pepi develop in many ways. Read more >


The role of the donor is important for the future of Bridge and Pepi. Pepi already includes several paid features and there will be more. Your donation will help make Pepi more accessible to needy students as well. Read more >

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